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Ship of Heroes shows off Massive Plasma Cannon, Planning Expanded Base Building Beta in April

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Get ready for massive plasma cannons in Ship of Heroes via a new mission highlighting what else, a massive plasma cannons for players to fire and vaporize enemies. There's a video teaser and several new images about what's going on in the game's current development.

The new mission is considered  in the "challenge mission" category and you can complete it either solo or with a team. It might be a lot more fun if you go in there vaporizing your enemies with a crew though. You'll also be able to earn badges and rewards. The new preview of this mission featuring the cannons was recorded on the official Steam version of the game so it should look like what players will see. They also note that it's not a cutscene and it's actual gameplay, so this should also give you an idea of progress made on Ship of Heroes so far.

Ship-to-ship raiding and long-distance teleportation are two things that will play a part in Ship of Heroes, with the environment and the setting. This mission involving the cannons is a defense mission against a hostile raid and the team also promises offensive missions coming as well. So prepare to play both sides of it. They caution that everything is still under development, so it might change, but these mission types are planned for the release, which is tentatively planned around the new year.

The team is also preparing for next month because in April they plan to have the next event for supporters of the game. This will be part two of a planned two-step beta to test out housing. Base building has been in a small beta for a bit, with 10 volunteers helping the dev team with all levels of early feedback, but they wanted to  get members of the public in to test. 

For more on the mission and coming beta, see the update over at Ship of Heroes.


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