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Ship of Heroes Shows Off Its Character Creation Tool, Teases CCT Beta Announcement

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes is prepping for its upcoming Character Creation Tool Beta coming up, and to get players ready for what to expect, the team has released a new video.

In an accompanying blog post, Ship of Heroes dives into the toolset its giving players to create their own unique heroes within the upcoming MMO. The team is giving an "escape hatch" to those creators who are...artistically challenged like myself: a randomizer.

One of the big things that you’ll see in the character creator Beta for Ship of Heroes is that we are currently giving players a lot more power to customize their avatar than any other MMO character creator currently does. This can work for you or against you depending on how much artistic talent you have. So what if your aspirations for making a unique character are high, but you aren’t a professional character artist? Well, we give you an escape hatch: randomizers. Once you choose a character model, you can call on our CCT to randomly change elements like the physical appearance, costume, and color scheme. This means you can just keep clicking until you have something close to what you want. Then you can edit that version to perfect it.

Randomization in character creators isn't anything new overall - however the Ship of Heroes goes a bit farther than simply randomizing character facial and body features. It can also randomize your hero's costume with the different costume pieces and colors in the character creator. 

For those wondering when they can get their hands on the CCT beta, you're wait may soon be over...at least your wait for the date. The team has teased it will be announced this week, so make sure you stay tuned for the announcement when it hits. You can check out the CCT video below.


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