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Ship of Heroes Releases Base Building Video in Preparation for the Housing Beta Test on May 5th

Steven Weber Posted:
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The team at Heroic Games Corporation are progressing their development of City of Heroes unofficial successor, Ship of Heroes with a new beta test. The Housing Beta Test will focus on base building, where players will get to place some furniture and feng shui their hero lairs in an effort to help the team test the new feature.

It’s almost hard to believe that Ship of Heroes has been in development for over 5 years, but alas, it is true, and Heroic Games Corp has planned their next phase of beta on May 5th. As one of several indie successors to the once popular shuttered (and since resurrected) superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes, the team plans to elevate many of the features that made its predecessor so enjoyable. One of those features was the ability to build bases, which will now be thoroughly tested in the Housing Beta Test.

To get players hyped, and maybe explain a little more on what they should expect, HGC has put together a fairly comprehensive video showing off the kind of builds players will be able to make, along with some basic examples of how to place objects within the world. You can check out the video below:

We reported last month that this pending beta was on the way, which marks the first public beta of 2022. Back in 2021, Ship of Heroes put together a Combat Mission Beta which allowed players to get a taste of combat, and some of the story missions on the way when the game finally launches. While the official website lists Ship of Heroes as “expected to launch in 2022”, we may see the launch pushed out of 2022 depending on the feedback from their upcoming tests. To sign up for the next Beta test, head on over to the official site and register.


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