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Ship of Heroes Receives 'Operation Valhalla' Public Event This Saturday

Testing out performance

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ship of Heroes is set to run an instance of its public event, dubbed Operation Valhalla, this Saturday.

The developers over at Heroic Games are looking to provide the public with a sneak peak showing one of their testing protocols as they prepare for another community event this weekend. As the newsletter outlines, several factors go into affecting performance.

They claim that they can maintain about 60 heroes and 90 Nagdellians in a small area and hit around 25-30fps with a GTX 1070 graphics card. The developers also provide some examples of performance from other MMOs, against which they come out favorably.

As to why they’re calling the test Operation Valhalla,

“We’re calling these tests “Operation Valhalla” after the home in Norse mythology for heroes who fight endlessly in the afterlife. We’ve chosen to use the location in Apotheosis City under the Arch as our test location. The Arch makes this area the most graphics-heavy spot for a big battle in the entire city, and it is also an important location in the lore of the game. If we can make a big battle work here, we can make it work anywhere.”

Be sure to check out the trailer below:


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