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Ship of Heroes Recaps 2019 Milestones

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A holiday message from Ship of Heroes outlined the 2019 for the game by looking at some key milestones.

As posted on the forums, some of the milestones include:

  1. UI features were added, making the elements of the UI resizable and customizable for location on the screen. 2
  2. Character leveling system completed.
  3. Engine versions upgraded to keep up with Unreal Engine updates
  4. Superspeed travel power added
  5. Augments, infusions, and buffs added
  6. More than five new costume sets added to the game to prepare for the CCT Beta
  7. Created, tested, and polished over 60 new custom animations for powers this year
  8. Completed the testing for FPS control system.
  9. Polished Apotheosis City, placed NPCs, cars, and trains into it, including some of mission-giving NPCs, and let the community come inside and run around for a week during the CCT Beta.
  10. Created and opened the auction house, the warehouse area, the Beta Club, and the hospital to the public

Check out the full post here.


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