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Ship of Heroes Newsletter Addresses Speed of Combat

Next video also teased

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Ship of Heroes newsletter takes a look at the speed of combat, which appears to be too fast.

This feedback was borne out of a recent community event with over a thousand players. To that end, the devs shared a video of the fastest current option for melee combat. The point of this is apparently to let the community have their say in combat speed.

For example, a character named Slash was shown off. Because Slash has a power which teleports him on top of enemies, he avoids the traditional weakness of all melee characters which is ranged enemies picking them off before these melee characters can approach.

The next video was teased as well, called “Operation Valhalla.” But given Valhalla is the Norse myth of a place where heroes go to experience perpetual combat, so presumably it's combat-related. You be the judge.

The next test is an Invasion test for June. if all goes well. The devs have told us that that they don’t mind having a few raid-wipes along the way. Overall, the team have conducted five successful Alpha and Beta tests: one in 2017, two in 2018, a major character creator Beta in 2019, and their open community event a few weeks ago in 2020.


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