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Ship of Heroes Nagdellian Invasion Beta Starts August 15

Looking for about 40 volunteers, more events planned in the future

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Nagdellian Invasion beta for Ship of Heroes is set to begin on August 15. Here are some details.

You can sign up here if you’re interested, as the team is looking for around forty volunteers. There doesn’t seem to be any NDA with the team encouraging streaming and recording.

The team shared some information on enemies and factions, with each faction having its own distinct behavior. This extends to tactics and powers,

“Nagdellians have a straightforward philosophy when it comes to fighting: they prefer using direct attacks and heals over things like buffs, debuffs, and holds. However, even those few units that can heal still carry high-powered weapons, and can still fight; no Nagdellian is ever defenseless.”

The reason for this is that, like every other civilization, they adapt and change. They’ve learned the patterns and behaviors of humans and will use those learning to exploit them. If you happen to miss this event, don’t worry. The team will be running a few more betas in the future. They even provide an opportunity for you to propose dates for such events.


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