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Ship of Heroes Issues Updates To Character Creation Tool Following Community Feedback

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ship of Heroes has already begun making changes to its CCT Beta based on community feedback.

In a new forum post, the team are looking to address the following:

  1. There was a request for glowing eyes, so we added about seven examples. We can expand this number if people think this is worthwhile.
  2. As we said earlier, we do have LOAD and SAVE, for a character, or just for the costume.
  3. [T]here was a lot of concern for a RESET feature. We have a RESET feature (change from one character model to another one and back, and you are reset back to defaults). But hey, if people want a reset button that warns you with a pop-up, we can do that too. We did do it, in fact.
  4. Community discussion of the RESET feature led to people wanting an UNDO feature. So we have added an UNDO button that reverses the last feature change you've made. We are now working to extend this to multiple feature selections you've made (this is a bigger deal). We expect to get the multiple UNDO feature working just around the time the Beta starts -- it is a bit of a race.

The post contains images outlining these changes and ends stressing that the team is listening to community feedback. Reaction has been relatively positive with some praising the dev team’s communication and eagerness to listen to the community.


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