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Ship of Heroes Is Planning An Open Beta For This Spring, Showcases New Locations In Latest Dev Blog

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes keeps trucking along, and earlier today the developers released some information about their upcoming plans for the spring and summer, including news that an open beta is being planned for later this spring.

The Ship of Heroes team looked at some of the locations in the MMO right now, including a look at Engineering Sector 2-B, which is a target of "frequent Promethean attacks and kidnappings." The team also showed a glimpse of Ship Security HQ, where trouble makers are held and the affairs of the ship are dealt with.

However, the bulk of the dev blog is built around the missions players will do in Ship of Heroes. The SoH team has been working on different types of content, including holiday events, raids, mini-missions and more. The team is focusing on mission arcs, with the arcs being a main component of Ship of Heroes. These arcs include fighting alongside Ship Security against the evil Nagdellians or pursuing wealth with Meltdown, who runs the Operations department of the ship.

As for when you can get your hands on the MMO, the Ship of Heroes team touched on their upcoming Beta plans, with it being scheduled for either April or May this year. 

"Our next major Beta event is approximately scheduled for April-May of 2021, and it will allow our community to playtest several different kinds of missions. During the event, you’ll be able to run through the entire Iris story arc – the most technically challenging for us to create out of the five. You’ll also be able try out two challenge missions and three holiday missions… or just play in the snow of the Snow Lair."

You can check out the full post on the Ship of Heroes dev blog for more info.


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