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Ship of Heroes Holiday Video Recover Stolen Presents

New environments and more

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The team behind Ship of Heroes have published a holiday video where they invade an alien world to recover presents.

In this universe, that raid is completely fair, since we saw the same snow monsters invade Apotheosis City in 2018.  Now we have more of their backstory. The players reach the Snow Lair by jumping through a dimensional portal from the Beta Club. The devs tell us that they will be expanding the content for this new world, which is an energy-research planet overrun by snow monsters.

While the mission, the tracks in the snow, and the alien world are completely new, the monsters, the superpowers, and the combat are all familiar if you have been keeping up with the development of SoH

In March and April of 2020 the Ship of Heroes team had a major community event, but all of the fighting, costume contests, and other stuff happened in the open SciFi world of Apotheosis City.  Lately we are seeing mostly new locations: engineering tunnel spaces, alien worlds, and magically-themed dungeons. 


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