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Ship of Heroes - Heroic Games Releases Post-Invasion Event Wrap-Up

A Post Event Post

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest Ship of Heroes newsletter, details were provided on the Invasion Events that ran over the course of three weeks in August. The tests were deemed a resounding success, and issues that were found during the test are being looked at.

The Ship of Heroes team was pleased with the turnout of players, and was not too bothered by the issues experienced, noting in the newsletter a host of problems players may have experienced that will be looked at in the future. Some of the issues had to deal with memory leaks, some UI changes, a chat server issue and more.

The team has also provided details on the next, improved invasion beta 2.0 event, which is slated to be released in another four to six weeks. The Invasion events that occurred in August were open to everyone, as long as they applied to get in beforehand. Ship of Heroes has been making quite a bit of progress, as their June newsletter can attest.


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