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Ship of Heroes Gets Mission Event in July

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Mission event begins in Ship of Heroes next month which includes several branching arcs meant to bring some complexity to the structure. Read on for more details.

The first mission to be shown off is the Iris mission arc. According to the lore, Iris is the archmage of the Mages Guild. Keep an eye on your inbox if you’re a supporter of Ship of Heroes as you might be invited to check it out for testing.

The team notes there will be more to do during this test, including eight such missions,

“Eight real missions will be available to play. You’ll be able to create characters in the CCT with many new costume options, and also run around in the Snow Lair, which is a Christmas-themed map with presents and monsters, some weather, and heavy snow. And you’ll see upgrades everywhere, from the Mage’s Quarter in the northeast part of the city to several new and interesting mission maps.”

The newsletter notes the team continues to add to the game mechanics in addition to content. Traps are the big addition this go-around as delayed explosions. The team plans on adding more traps in the future.

Quality of life features were added as well, like hitting “M” to open a map of the current local area. Additionally, you’ll be able navigate your environment using the compass at the top of your screen. Mission objectives will also display.

Ship of Heroes has received consistent updates throughout testing periods. The team have previously shown off how they make mission maps, how missions are made, and an updated character creation tool.


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