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Ship of Heroes Dev Video Looks at Speed of Combat

New powersets too

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A new Ship of Heroes video takes a look at the speed of combat to keep pace with other MMOs.

The accompanying article goes into more detail. Specifically, the devs show off a new melee powerset called Martial Arts, and use the video to discuss with their supporters just how fast melee combat should be in their upcoming MMO. 

The devs are announcing the names of the six melee combat powersets that they plan to have at launch.  There are also ranged damage, bugging/debuffing/healing powersets, and at least one control powerset scheduled for launch.  Two of the melee sets, Martial Arts and Street Fighting, deliver unarmed combat powers. One powerset uses a short range energy shotgun, and is called Street Sweeping.  One set uses a single fiery sword, and another uses two swords, while the sixth uses a futuristic Spear or energy lance. All of the powersets play differently, have unique appearances, and different animations and FX.

The next big thing in Ship of Heroes will be a combat Beta specifically focused on invasions of the ship by waves of aliens.  Ship of Heroes conducted their first combat Alpha almost two years ago, so this Beta has been highly anticipated.  The team is targeting to have all six of the melee powerset available for the Beta, which is scheduled for sometime in the next five months

Ship of Heroes has conducted four public Alpha/ Beta tests, in 2017 through 2019. The next big test will be a raid test, followed by some internal testing of instanced missions.  A soft launch is planned for the end of 2020.


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