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Ship of Heroes Details Missions Headed to Beta Testing in August

Steven Weber Posted:
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Ship of Heroes is planning another play test in August, and this time, players will get to test some of the missions the team has been working on. In a new article showing off more information related to the  Iris Story Arc, we come to find that players will be introduced to the Ambassador, a quest giver that will explain the ship you’re on, and get you prepped for what’s to come.

The Iris Arc will be a difficult, replayable mission, that has branching choices that are meant to change the result of the event. During the test, beta players are encouraged to try several different options to make sure things are working as intended. This includes making sure that some of the voiced dialog is heard properly, and that NPC’s that are meant to determine whether you’re playing a magic character, actually do so. Two challenge missions will also be available for testers. Challenge missions are geared primarily around combat, and won’t have much story for testers to fiddle with. The play test dates are listed below:

  • Access Dates: Non-Donor - August 14th – August 29
  • Donors Early Access Dates: August 7th – August 29

You can learn more about the specifics related to these missions in the article. The developers Heroic Games have also provided some technical notes for those that get selected. Below is a summarized list:

  • A known issues post will be available in the forums, so check it out so you know if what you’re experiencing has already been listed.
  • Ship of Heroes will post an emote and instructions list on the website prior to beta.
  • The download will be about 21GB’s and you should wait until just before the beta to download it to make sure you get the latest client.
  • Don’t forget to slot Augments (gear) and use the Infusions (consumables) during testing.

Still interested? If so, you can head over to the Ship of Heroes site and sign up for the beta test.


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