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Ship of Heroes Character Creation Beta Concludes, Here's a Summary

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ship of Heroes has concluded its CCT beta and has details to share about the experience.

Here are some highlights:

It seems a lot of gamers enjoyed the recent Beta for the character creation tool.  Heroic Games built up the list of eligible participants in the Beta over the course of two and half years.  They were quite surprised when the number of participants surged by 50% in the month before the Beta. 

Another metric from the test is that more than 85% of all eligible participants jumped in, made a character, and explored the city.  For a non-combat Beta, 30-40% would have been strong participation, and 50% would have been outstanding. 

Over a thousand characters were created during the Beta, and community members were meticulous in finding things that needed to be fixed.  The finds ranged from an unexpected invisible large cube near the Science Park to the lack of beard color propagating to the player portraits in-game; both issues were fixed early in the Beta.  Nearly 80% of the bugs found during the Beta were also fixed during the Beta.

The SoH devs took quite a few lessons from this Beta, including the need for a much larger assortment of hero costume pieces and some civilian clothing to be added to the CCT. 

The next big event which will be an invasion combat Beta for big groups, currently planned for early in 2020.  It is expected that players will be able to use the characters they created during the CCT Beta if they want.

If you missed it, check out our impressions of the CCT beta here.


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