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Ship Of Heroes Beta Test Coming On August 7th, Shares Details Ahead Of July 31st Sign-Ups

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes' upcoming beta is slated to begin on August 7th, and the team behind the MMO is giving a glimpse into what players can expect from the three-week long event.

Announced via a press release this morning, the team behind  Ship of Heroes announced the beta test for their upcoming MMO will begin on August 7th, with sign-ups to join in the mission event starting on July 31st. In the release, the studio states that the MMO is "moving steadily toward launch," with the event being another milestone along that journey. 

"Ship of Heroes is having another Beta, starting August 7th.  The signup for the event will begin on July 31st.   This game is moving steadily toward launch.  For a small indie team, this is kind of amazing.  There are not a lot of new MMORPGs being launched – the entire genre is suppressed by the belief that big, ambitious MMOs are simply too expensive to create.  Heroic Games is pushing back against that defeatist mindset."

The event itself will last about three weeks according to the Ship of Heroes team, with all five archetypes and twenty-five powersets available to play during the testing period. Players will also be able to check out two new quality-of-life powers added to the beta as well.

"SoH has added two new quality of life powers to the list of universal powers that anyone can use: Regroup, and Assemble. Both powers assist in keeping teams mobile and helping them to get organized.  Also, every player gets a decently-strong ranged attack power to use, even if they are out of energy – we like that!"

Players will be able to check out a mission story arc - what the SoH team is saying should provide about 3-4 hours of gameplay alone. If you're a current backer and want to potentially check out Ship of Heroes ahead of the test to help the team out, Heroic Games is urging those players to also reach out via the contact form to get started.

You can check out the full newsletter on the Ship of Heroes website


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