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Ship of Heroes - Another Invasion Event to Happen August 29th, Open to Everyone

Invade Another Ship of Heroes Invasion Event

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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The last Ship of Heroes event was a rousing success, and now, a new Ship of Heroes invasion event is headed our way. The event will be free and open to anyone, including those who have not donated to Heroic Games’ development.

The invasion event will require players that have yet to create a character, to create one and either level up for the event, or get mentored by a team member. Each invasion will take about 15 minutes, but players will be able to complete multiple invasions during this time.

Heroic Games hopes to have enough players in a single area to enact a “Crush the Server” event, which would pit hundreds of players against large numbers of enemies, all in close proximity to one another. Players interested in getting into the game will need to download Ship of Heroes as soon as it is available, so that they don’t miss out on any of the action.

Ship of Heroes has conducted several alpha and beta tests over the past 3 years. Invasions tests are currently in testing, but will be followed by a set of closed beta testing missions in a few months.


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