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Shazam Time Capsule Arrives in DC Universe Online

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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DC Universe Online players can get an early Shazam fix with the arrival of the Shazam Time Capsule ahead of the movie's launch just over a week away. As with other Time Capsules, players can unlock its content with Stabilizers or can purchase it directly from the Marketplace. Players will find random gear perfect for their character, Shazam Collection Styles including the Winged Feet of Hermes, the Cloak of Eternities or the Crown of Solomon. Last but not least, Shazam Emblems.

SHAZAM! Emblems

A HOST of emblems inspired by Shazam round out this Time Capsule. Pay close attention to the regular and enhanced Tawny emblems and, for fun, the emoticon emblems! These are reactive, meaning they change their appearance when you enter combat. Who doesn't want a tiger whose eyes erupt with lightning as you enter combat? An Atlantean emblem will appear in the loot selection window when you open every SHAZAM! Time Capsule.  

Check out more details on the DC Universe Online site.


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