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Shai & Mystic Awakening Update Coming To Black Desert PS4

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Shai and Mystic Awakening updates are coming to Black Desert on PS4.

Unlike other classes, Shai will receive the talent update upon reaching level 56. This includes the ability to play three instruments: the lute, flute, or drum. These then buff allies in combat by performing various songs:

  • Do It Better! - An energetic tune that buffs AP and special attacks
  • Shout to the Sky - Provide a health buff
  • Sun, Moon, Stars - A dynamic tune that increases agility
  • Summer Rain - This refreshing song briefly increases status resistance

Mystic will be able to use Awakening abilities after hitting level 56. The Awakening weapon this time is a Cestus battle glove infused with energy:

  • Wave Orb - Mystic channels all her energy and unleashes a massive attack on her foes
  • Dragon’s Pit - Summons Banha the Sea Dragon to encircle enemies dealing damage to anyone foolish enough to be caught inside it
  • Sea Burial - Quickly leap forward and unleashes a rapid barrage of attacks that knock all enemies to the ground

You can learn more details at the community post here.


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