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Shadowlands Beta LUA Issues Receive Fix by Blizzard

Some users still noting issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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World of Warcraft Shadowlands players reported issues in the beta related to LUA over the weekend. Blizzard appeared to have issued an update.

The issue essentially blocked players from testing several types of content in the beta,

“I’m also having this issue as well. there is also (sorry for not making my own thread on this), Lua issue for me when I try and use the adventure table in the Maldraxxus covenant hall as well. The covenant may or may not be a part of the problem, just want to put that bit of information out there if it may help.”

Blizzard updated the forums explaining they issued an update to the Battle.net client,

“If you exit the WoW client and update it via the Battle.net App, it should prompt an update to build 35432 which looks to have cleared up most/all of these problems. Apologies for the delay!”

However, it seems that this may not have resolved the issue with the scouting table as one user noted,

“The scouting table issue wasn’t resolved. You can start the first mission, but you cannot finish it currently.”

If you’re in the Shadowlands beta, have you experienced any LUA issues?


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