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Shadowlands 9.1 Drops Today, Interviews Reveal More Details on Story, Torghast Changes

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Whether you’re for the Horde or for the Alliance, today is the day where you can continue pledging your allegiance as Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination drops for World of Warcraft drops.

If you missed the announcement, you can catch up here. It’s set to introduce new features like a new zone in Korthia, Sanctum of Domination raid, and more. You can also unlock flying as part of story progression. You can catch a recap of patch notes here.

Alongside the release of Shadowlands 9.1, several recent interviews (ta, MMO-Champion) shared additional story details and information on Torghast. There was an AusGamers interview with Ion Hazzikostas.

Ion shed some light on Torghast specifically and their learnings, chiefly the issues with Torghast weren’t so clear in the beta. This is due to the fact players in beta were not going into it with specific goals in mind.

Another interview with MGG with Steve Danuser and Morgan day revealed the team’s goals for their patch. Via MMO-Champion,

  • The team wanted to focus on the quality of this patch and made it to a top priority to release it with the quality players have come to expect from them, even with the few complications caused over the past year.
  • It is purposeful that we have yet to see Nathanos in the Shadowlands, and a reference to this plotline will take place in one of the cutscenes that has yet to be seen.
  • The team wanted to show that the power of the Night Warrior has been unleashed before by mortals, and that the magic of Elune is known on other worlds as well.

As you gear up for the latest World of Warcraft content drop, be sure to catch up on our thoughts on 9.1 and Burning Crusade Classic, which launched earlier this month.


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