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Shadowbane Emulator Project Receiving New Server January 11

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Shadowbane Emulator project for Shadowbane is starting up a new server for Season 6 on January 11.

The team posted this announcement on Reddit,

“Over the past few months, we have been working to create additional content to decentralize PvP to allow solo players and smaller groups alternate paths to end game PvP encounters through our Bounty system.”

If interested, check out the team’s wiki here and their Discord here. Improvements and more can be read at the full patch notes here.

  • Implemented Mastery System
  • PvP on Noob Island has been restricted by nation. Killing your own nation is no longer allowed.
  • Gifts will no longer be consumed if you do not have space within your inventory to open.
  • Resources capped at 500 on warehouses now have been increased to 3000.
  • A new version of the SBEmu launcher has been published to allow greater flexibility moving forward.
  • Proxies in West-US & Hong Kong have been established as a point for players to connect to if direct internet connectivity to the game server is unstable.
  • Removed code restrictions reducing resource drops in expansion zones.


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