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Shadow Arena Adds New Character, Plans to Hit Consoles Later This Year

Time to Rock?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Pearl Abyss announced today that they are expanding the roster of their early access title Shadow Arena again, by adding Gorgath. The Battle Royale action-brawler will also be releasing on Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

The new character, Gorgath is an alchemist with the ability to use the power of the earth to attack with devastating boulders or defend with a swirl of rocks. Gorgath’s list of abilities can be seen below or on Pearl Abyss’s Shadow Arena announcement page.

Earth Alchemy Stone: Explode the earth's energy to blow enemies back. A rock will appear at the location of the explosion.  It will explode if "Rock Manipulation" is not used on it with 20 seconds.

Rolling Boulder: Shoot a created rock within 20m at an enemy or cause it to explode immediately.  (Ultimate Level Effect: Increase Explosion Area +30%)

Rock Explosion: Make rocks break through the earth to float enemies. Then the rocks explode to send enemies flying. (Ultimate Level Effect: Increase Range by 2 times and Increase Max Damage +30%)

Rockwind: Cover the body in a whirlwind of rocks for 10 seconds to protect himself and damage enemies nearby. (Ultimate Level Effect: Increase Continuous Damage Area +15%)

Forbidden Alchemy: Create a Mysterious Alchemy Tool that creates random items. The quality of the items created by the tool increases with skill level. (Ultimate Level Effect: Able to create Special Items)

Players will also be glad that Shadow Arena has also implemented a patch meant to improve current in-game systems and give players a better sense of progression. According to Pearl Abyss, the ranking system and tier will now be separate and your rank will no longer be tied to tier placement. Players will now earn Tier Points separately after every match. If you’re interested in trying out Shadow Arena check out our impressions article.


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