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Several New Classes & Zones Arrive in New Tree of Savior Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Tree of Savior is getting a beefy new update today that includes four new races, new zones to explore and an increased level cap to 420. Players will be able to check out the Matross, Tiger Hunter, Ardito and Sheriff as well as take part in events to earn Premium Costumes for each. Players can also explore several new areas that are packed with new, challenging monsters and should boost them along the way to the new 420 cap.

The new classes come as advanced versions of:

  • Archer - Matross and Tiger Hunter
  • Scouts - Ardito and Sheriff

Players can take part in a number of new events including the brand new Growing Together, Growing Evergreen Weekend Boosts, Growing Evergreen Bonus Gifts and New Class Sprout Shop events. A number of other events have been reworked and compensation has been added as a result of recent balance changes.

Check out the full update notes on the Tree of Savior site.


Suzie Ford

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