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Setting a Good Example of How Crowdfunding Should Work

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John Smedley has sent out another note to backers of Hero's Song with some details about when refunds for the now-cancelled game will begin and to once again thank the crowdfunding community for its support. Of particular note is his assertion that, while some backers want the company to keep the money for their hard work, it sets a good example of how crowdfunding should work for Pixelmage to return all money with the same good faith that backers demonstrated in the first place.

We took your money in good faith and it is with that same good faith that we want to give it back to you. We believe in crowdfunding and I want us to be one of the happier stories in terms of treating customers right. I hope to run into you at E3 or in a bar or wherever and shake your hands to thank you so much. I'd feel better knowing you have that money back.

Crowdfunding gets a bad name sometimes for not delivering. By taking your money back we're all setting an example for how every crowdfunding project should conduct itself if something goes wrong. We weren't perfect, but there was never a scenario where we would even consider not doing right by you when it comes to your money. 

Read the full post on the Hero's Song Indiegog page.


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