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Set Your Difficulty and Pace With The Lord of the Rings Online's Updated Legendary Servers

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If you're playing through The Lord of the Rings Online, there are two updated Legendary servers that let you choose your experience and play the way you want to go through Middle-earth.  The Shadowfax and Treebeard servers let you choose the pace you want to go at when starting a new journey.

If you want to take on the challenge at a speedier pace, you can start your Legendary World Journey on Shadowfax, where you learn 50% bonus to XP, legendary item XP, and mount XP and a 20% bonus to Virtue XP. This server will see content unlocks added faster than normal, around every 2 months. 

However, if you want to take your time, then consider the Treebeard server, where you get only 40% of the XP you would normally receive doing anything. Content unlocks happen less frequently here, with more about every five to six months.

With both of these servers comes a brand new option, a landscape difficulty setting. This will affect the challenge level of the enemies you encounter on your journey. You can choose from norma all the way upl to deadly + 6 if you're really looking for a challenge.  If you try any of the deadly difficulty settings then you'll be affected by Eye of Sauron effects, random debuffs that can get pretty nasty for a moment or two.  

You can start at normal and change your difficulty as needed to find your sweet spot, adjusting the level by talking to Berthadan by the Prancing Pony. You can change the difficulty as much as you’d like, but there are rewards for keeping things steady. The landscape difficulty settings introduction also comes with titles. If you start at a higher difficulty before you reach level 11 and you stay with that high-level difficulty you’ll get the opportunity to unlock some shiny new titles.

For the full details on the new Legendary Server options and how to access them, see the announcement on the LOTRO site. 


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