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Set Sail With the Buccaneer and Her Loyal Otters in Black Desert Mobile's New Update

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Black Desert Mobile gets the new Buccaneer class, which arrives Awakened, so there's no waiting. The update also adds  some events to support her arrival, a few fixes and quality of life changes.

The Buccaneer, using her special weapon, Patraca, can slash in closer quarters or shoot harpoons at her enemies from a distance. She starts with four active skills and will be able to learn more as she levels. Her skills include a series of debuffs to enemies to let her slip past or to get in a hit, to some effects that help her get out of danger. Trickshot is a level 20 skill that uses the Patraca’s recoil to launch herself backwards as she fires upon her enemies. 

She’s also special due to her status as captain of the Slippery Scallywags, a band of otters that can join her in battle thanks to the Scallywags Assemble! skill. Available from level 1 is also the Cap'n's Orders: Fire Away! skill, which has her order the Slippery Scallywags to launch an anchor at enemies.

While Black Desert Online has already seen the summer competition between the Papus and the Otters begin, Black Desert Mobile will see that roll out soon. In the meantime, these otters will join their captain and be part of the new events rolling out.

Also in this update is a story quest "Remembering Power: Respectable Captain" which you can access after you reach level 60. Complete it and earn a new title, Commanding the Seas.

The update brings some class balance changes to the Raven and the Gladiator. Pearl Abyss continues making changes that make the game more inviting and accessible to those at different levels. The most recent change of this kind reduces the materials needed to craft Chaos gear.

Finally, there are several events loaded with possible rewards to help you get started on a new Buccaneer. Slippery Scallywags' Daily Support is the login campaign to get you started. Slippery Scallywags' Food Delivery happens four times a day and you can go fishing and prepare to feed some otters for rewards. There are even more events happening to maximize your progression and adventuring.

Read the full update details over at Black Desert Mobile.


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