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Set Sail or Swim in Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga Coming December 14th

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Tribes of Midgard opens its Season 2: Serpent Saga, on December 14th. This big free update changes the world itself, with the addition of the Open Seas biome, adds sailing and swimming, a new Saga boss, and other challenges. For those feeling festive, it also ushers in the Yulidays event.

The Open Seas biome  is a major change because it add the ability to swim and sail, as well as offering new terrain to explore. Your Vikings will be able to build boats in the shipyard. If your boat takes a hit too many, or if you haven't built your boat yet, you can swim. Swimming is limited by your stamina, so it's mostly good for a shorter distance. Still, these new options broaden the scope of the game.

With the update, all worlds will be reset so you'll have to rebuild your Shipyard, but once you do that, you'll be able to use resources to make boats. Your basic shipyard can be used to craft smaller, flimsier, but faster boats with fewer resources. Once you level up your shipyard, you’ll have choices to make. You’ll be able to make larger, sturdier boats, with more HP and capacity, but at a higher resource cost.

You can also explore the Open Seas while you sail around off the shores of Midgard, discovering uncharted islands. There are new enemies, new merchants, and new Beacon Camps. Of course the ability to explore the Open Seas also comes with challenges, like a new Saga boss.

The new boss is a mysterious and mythologically-inspired beast. You'll have to sail to find its lair and, in order to do this, you'll have to take advantage of all the shipbuilding, learning how to sail, and full on exploration. 

Yulidays will return from December 14th through January 3rs and come with festive rewards, themed challenges, the chance to unlock a new pet, cosmetics, and more. 

For more on the Serpent Saga update and upcoming events, head over to Tribes of Midgard.


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