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Set Sail in Tribes of Midgard As The Serpent Saga Begins With Shipbuilding, New Seas, and Saga Boss Jörmungandr

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Tribes of Midgard’s second season, Serpent Saga, is out today with the latest update. After updating, all players will find their previous worlds destroyed, but there's a whole lot of new content waiting in the second season. Changes include the introduction of shipbuilding, the open seas biome, and a new Saga Boss.

The open seas are here so it makes sense that the Vikings remember that they can take to the water. All the worlds, since they're starting fresh, will generate a greater amount of water that also contains islands to discover. On those islands you can find resources, treasure, and yes even some brand new creatures like seals and Selkies.  

Of course, with the arrival of the open seas, it makes sense that now you can build ships. Near your village you'll find a ruined shipyard that you can rebuild with enough resources. Once you do that, you'll be able to start crafting boats. Create a light boat for faster travel or continue learning and collecting more resources for larger and heavier ships that can also fit more people. In addition to sailing, you'll also be able to swim for short distances based on stamina.

If you’re up for new challenges, the new content and new quests including a quest collection and of course, a new saga boss: Jörmungandr. This is called Serpent Saga for a reason and he is a poisonous World serpent in his lair sitting on an island. All of your new skills should come in handy. There's also a new serpent armor set including crafted equipment options, new pets including Baby Jormie, if you’d like a tiny serpent reminder of the epic battle.

If you have some time between swimming, sailing, and exploring, there are new rooms, new landmarks, new challenges, including one to defeat two Saga bosses in a single world challenge (because Fenrir is still out there).

For the full list of the very extensive update additions and challenges, visit Tribes of Midgard.


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