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Set Sail in EverQuest 2 - New Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Announced!

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Pirates and adventure await in brand new adventurous content coming to EverQuest 2 in the just announced Visions of Vetrovia expansion. And you can even get started today! This time, the oceans are going to play a key role as a captain, Douglan Wakerunner, is convinced there's more to explore and discover out there and so he's looking for a few good crew members to join him in his quests to discover just what riches and surprises (pleasant and maybe not so pleasant) lie behind those waves. Expect pirates, sailing, adventure, and lots more to discover on your expedition across the oceans of Norrath.

The expansion will feature three repeatable tradeskill quests, four adventure quests (three repeatable), new collections, and an event merchant with 19 new items that include a mount and recipe book. Once you get the content loaded, just check your in game mail and the recruitment adventure begins. 

There is a mix of new and items you may have missed before but will now have a chance to obtain. With new and returning items from previous events, the merchant Aariena Flitterflitter by the docks in The Village of Shin, is worth visiting. Along the way, in your adventures, you may find some nre terrain to explore, fight a few Owlbears, check out some lost hideaways and maybe some very rewarding outcomes too.

The new Prelude will be available today, September 14th, as soon as downtime ends and will be available to explore until the new expansion is fully released. No word on that date just yet but you'll be able to jump into some of what to expect by playing through the Prologue. For more on the new expansion, details on what kinds of items to expect, and some official screenshots to give you a peek at the content, visit the official announcement post on the EverQuest 2 site.


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