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Service Ending on October 4th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Webzen has announced that ASTA:The War of Tears & Winds will be ending service on October 4th. From today forward, no further store purchases will be possible. Players will enjoy 100% boosts to XP, Fame, Drop Rates and Gold throughout the end of the game's life.

Many of you followed us all the way from IBT, to OBT, to multiple expansions, and your support made us believe we could succeed. Sadly, we were wrong. The players we have are awesome, and any company would be happy to have such a dedicated community, but sadly the recent player numbers are not sufficient for us to be able to continue the service. So, after discussions with Polygon Games, we have agreed that the game servers will close on the 4th of October. While we are very sad to have to go down this route, we would still like to shed some light on the situation for our current players: there will be full a refund on the Wcoin you have spent during the last 30 days, and the most supportive players will be compensated with item packages for our other titles, details of which will be announced at a later stage.

Read the full notice on the ASTA site.


Suzie Ford

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