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Server Patch Incoming

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Beginning at 12:00 p.m. CST, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising servers will be taken offline to deploy the latest patch to the game. The update features bug fixes, quest updates, and adjustments to combat & feats.

Combat and Feats

  • Damage will now show up when the attack hits a target as opposed to when the attack is begun for ranged attacks (bows, slings, daggers).
  • Auto-Attack damage is now shown as white to differentiate from other attack damage.
  • Hitting default attack button acts the same as right-clicking and will no longer trigger a GCD (Global Cool Down).
  • Soldier: “Final Stand” tool tip description has been updated to reflect the ability.
  • Mystic: Cleanse ability description updated to reflect the ability.
  • Sound effect added for Summon Buzzard.
  • Sound effect added for Triarius Strike.

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