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Server Merges Incoming

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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According to RiftJunkies.com, players logging into Rift are being presented with a Message of the Day indicating that servers are being merged or turned into trial servers. Players are then given a suggested server to move to but can move to any currently active server.

PVE Belmont –> Millrush Galena –> Millrush Atrophinius –> Greenscale Crucia –> Greenscale Alsbeth –> Shatterbone

PVE – RP Estrael –> Faeblight Shadefallen –> Faeblight

PVP Sunrest(PVP-RP) –> Deepstrike Freeholme –> Deepstrike Dayblind –> Deepstrike Faemist –> Briarcliff

So far no official word has been released on the Rift forums but we'll keep you posted.


Suzie Ford

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