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Seraphine is the New League of Legends Hero

Arriving patch 10.22

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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League of Legends announced their newest hero, Seraphine.

As described on Twitter,

“Runeterra's premier idol is taking the stage with her magical auditory synesthesia. Captivate your enemies and sing along with your allies with this pink-haired dreamer.”

As expected, she has several abilities. Her passive is called Stage Presence which sees every third basic casting an echo. This will then cast it a second time. If she happens to cast near an ally, she’ll create a note with each note providing her more basic attack range. She can also deal more damage which consumes the note.

Her other abilities are called High Note, Surround Sound, Beat Drop, and Encore mapped to Q, W, E, R, respectively. Encore, for example, will project a force which charms enemies while dealing magic damage. Any companies which are stuck due to this become part of the “performance” (seriously) which extends the range of this ability and grants allies max Notes.

Seraphine is set to arrive alongside patch 10.22.


Poorna Shankar