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Sega is Taking a Cautious Approach on NFTs, Considers Negative Player Feedback

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It seems like every other day there's a new announcement from a game company, a new startup, or even legacy companies like Ubisoft and recently, Square Enix, about some new NFT opportunity or blockchain elements. When it comes to Sega, however, the company is taking more of a smaller step and a wait and see approach, citing backlash as something to consider.

The discussion came as part of a management Q&A (as reported by Ars Technica) And openly names the fact that users who have very negative reactions to companies introducing NFTs are to be considered in the evaluation process. This does not mean that Sega is abandoning the idea of NFTs or some kind of blockchain elements but it seems that the company is preferring to go slowly and carefully. Indeed, the report says that they're looking to see just what players will and won't accept and will use that information.

This position is not as headfirst into blockchain elements and NFTs as companies like Ubisoft, and it's not looking to rush into anything. With the explosion of NFTs over the past year or so, it seems like a new announcement is made every couple of hours on a different project. The buzzwords recently have been “play to earn”. While there is potential when leveraged in ways that make sense, Sega’s position of  hanging back and judging potential player reception while acknowledging the very negative opinions that are already out there seems like a smart one.

Companies like GSC (which canceled plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R in-game NFTs after a swift community backlash) and Square Enix have gotten a lot of flak lately over their embrace of NFTs. While there’s still a lot to consider and even to learn for many folks about just what NFTs and blockchain gaming will or won’t do, Sega’s decision is cautious but proactive. 

 If players perceive any decisions as just cashing in,  Sega is unlikely to proceed. 


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