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Seekers of Skyveil Next Playtest Begins June 28th

Sam Plaisance Updated: Posted:
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The developers Elodie Games, Inc. have announced another playtest is on the way for their multiplayer PvP title Seekers of Skyveil

Starting on Friday, June 28th, fans of the turn-based PvP title Seekers of Skyveil will be able to enter the next playtest to give feedback on their experience. Alongside new map refinements come several new features to test out and enjoy throughout the short test. 

The devs say the biggest one is of course their new footsteps visual indicators, which show the direction in which the teams are making noise. Combat noises are said to travel the furthest since the heat of battle can be quite loud, and footsteps themselves will travel less of a distance. For those who want to remain veiled in shadow, using foliage to sneak around the map is their best bet to remain undetected. 

There will also be a new chaptered quest system that comes with more than 30 quests to take on and complete, and each chapter will bring more challenging feats to accomplish, which in turn means better rewards to get our hands on. One massive change to the original quest system is the fact that everyone will now need to successfully extract from the capped map at least twice in order to unlock the uncapped map. The developers say this new quest will help new players grasp how the game works before dipping their toes within the larger map.

The official release date for Seekers of Skyveil has yet to be revealed, but this playtest is possibly a good sign that things are on the right track for release. 


Sam Plaisance