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Seed - A Sandbox Simulation MMO Releases Their First DevBlog

Steven Weber Posted:
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Seed, an upcoming Sandbox-Simulation MMO by Klang Games has recently followed through on their promise for more consistent updates on their in-development title, by releasing their first DevBlog. The SpatialOS-based game does not have to do with a previous MMO of the same name, Seed, which was developed by Runestone Games and closed in 2006.

In the latest blog, the Klang team outlines the challenges they have faced during development, which includes simulating the future of humanity. Due to the scope of the game, players will be tasked with caring for Seedlings, which are virtual humans that have their own thoughts and motivations, with an underlying drive to survive. The blog focuses on dealing with the thoughts of your Seedlings, outlining some of the status effects that may affect them, which will point to other aspects of the Seedlings condition that you may need to cure in the near future. Seed’s simulation experience may be somewhat reminiscent of a game like The Sims, but the scope of the game goes much further than simply taking care of your seedlings.

In Seed, players will be tasked with constructing a colony on Avesta, managing the player-driven economy, and they’ll ultimately have to decide if they want to train their Seedlings to fight and organize raids of other colonies. Klang Games has been working on Seed for nearly 5 years, with production starting in October of 2016. The team has secured funding several times throughout the years, totaling more than 37-million in investments since it began development. Novator Partners’ Birgir Ragnarsson, who some may know as the former Chairman of the Board of CCP Games, has now become Chairman at Klang Games, signaling that Seed has someone with 13 years of experience Chairing the board. Ragnarsson spoke kindly of the company when he became chair back in August of 2019:

“The company is truly on the cutting edge in technology and innovation, but more importantly it understands games and gamers better than most and has no fear in its ambitions for SEED. This combination along with the artistic talent in the company gives rise to a truly exciting opportunity with unlimited potential.”

-Birgir Ragnarrson, Chairman of the Board, Klang Games

As Seed continues its development, Klang Games has released what they deem as the narrative prequel to Seed, known as Seed Pioneers, which is in closed alpha at this time. You can apply to become a Seed-Pioneer on the official site.


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