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See What Sensitive Gliding is in the Latest Preview for Zenith Ahead of This Week's Beta

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 Zenith, the upcoming VR MMORPG is beginning its beta later this week, and RamenVR is showing off the game’s “sensitive” gliding mechanics.

Gliding will use stamina, but with the VR, this travel power will let you experience the world from another angle. The tutorial and demo from community manager Brian Tate goes over just how gliding will work and how it’s designed to work with a player’s hand movements. It may take some getting used to, but clearly, the demo does show the open world and some of its possibilities

While other games do feature flight mechanics, the VR aspect is a new one. You can turn on “sensitive gliding” and once enabled, you can travel through the open world by moving your hands like a plane rudder, Tate says. The accompanying video does show the character gliding through the world, and also shows off the need to break for stamina recovery, which is a good thing to know beforehand. 

Being sure to point out the cost and how often you might need to recover our stamina is a helpful way to show off what looks like a fun mechanic. So while you’ll be able to explore, there’s always going to be a strategic element involved. Making sure you land somewhere safe to recharge or to have enough stamina to complete an objective seem like they’ll come up once you adjust to the movement controls. As sensitive gliding is off by default, this learning curve can also vary depending on your choice of movement option.

Zenith will enter its beta test this Saturday, December 18th. The game’s official Twitter has been posting beta keys frequently since the announcement of the beta, so that’s your current best shot at taking part if you want to and have VR capabilities. The official release is set for early 2022.


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