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See the Video for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Footfalls, the Expansion's Official Theme

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The Final Fantasy XIV team has been taking us through a "Lyrical Journey” series recently, featuring theme songs for each one of the game's expansions in preparation for Endwalker coming out next month. Today, Square Enix shared the official theme song and official video for Endwalker’s own main theme, Endwalker: Footfalls.

This is a rocking introduction for the new release, which is the full version of the song featured in the full Endwalker trailer and has a video featuring lots of guitar playing in a field and a young woman searching for something. The song’s lyrics were shared in the most recent Lyrical Journey installment.

“Heart of ember, autumntide

Burning brightly, hot and white

Kindred severed neverwhere

Sorrow's silence, we needn't bear

Stories sown along the way

Tales of loss and fire and faith”is one of the verses.

The song flows and also rocks, but also fits thematically enough with the journey that Final Fantasy takes its characters on, and the feeling you get playing through your own role in the greater journey in FFXIV.

Those previously released “Lyrical Journey” features include A Realm Reborn, with its “A New Beginning” symbolizing what’s obviously the beginning of the game’s second chance. Heavensward, with its “Heavensward” and “Dragonsong” featured songs. “Stormblood” and “Revolutions” from Stormblood. Finally, the songs featured in Shadowbringers, “Shadowbringers” and “Tomorrow and Tomorrow”.

All of these songs represents different phases of the history of Final Fantasy XIV, and looking ahead towards the next phase. This year has been a remarkable one for Final Fantasy XIV, with the community growing and various changes coming in the next big update, which will of course launch the expansion to all. After some delays, and Walker is coming. expect more features and sneak peeks leading up to the December launch. 

For the full Lyrical Journeys Series, see the official Final Fantasy XIV dev blog.


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