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See Some Dracthyr Customization Options and Preview Rogue and Hunter Talent Trees for Dragonflight

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Dragonflight  is coming later this year, and Blizzard has dropped some new previews, including a new look at character creation options for the new Dracthyr race and talent trees for Hunter and Rogue. 

The Dragon Isles are calling, so we should probably expect to see many a Dracthyr running around when the expansion is out. When you create one, there will be a variety of head options, horns, scales, different shapes and lengths of snouts, as well as colors to choose from.

WoW has already given us races where the customization rests more in the bodies to make them more distinct, and the design process here seems to be working similarly. The preview shows us a number of colors, ranging from red, green, yellow, blue, and some being a blend of these Shades. Some of these seem to be the result of scales and other choices to add to your character's body, and there are many options .

Perhaps the most prevalent thing you'll notice are the horns on some of  the character examples shown. They have one with one huge long horn, some that have a horn that takes several turns, as well as several smaller horns on the head, others with two horns that look like something from a goat, and others that are a bit smaller, or curved.

The team does seem to be working towards a great variety here,  including with the colors and patterns. Even the armor will effectively be part of your character's design, and there’s an example video of this in action.

Also recently revealed are new talent tree previews for Hunter and Rogue. Just like the other previews, these are very early. For Hunter, they're looking to give that class choices to mix and match abilities to customize their characters. Changes aren't major, but they're looking for more individuality and letting players have more control over which skills they have. 

As for the Rogue, they are making more abilities that used to be specialization only available to all Rogues in the core class tree.There are even a few new talents. However, if you really want to specialize in any Rogue spec, you'll be able to do that as well. 

For more, read the full talent tree preview for Hunter and Rogue in World of Warcraft. 


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