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See How Fractured Online Devs Use In-House Tools to Efficiently Create a Continent, Featuring First Peek at Terra

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The latest Fractured Online dev talk video dives into how the Dynamight Studios team creates a continent using their in-house tools, marking our first peek at Terra, on the Wildfolk planet of Arboreous.

However, this isn’t a preview of the continent itself, so that will have to come later, but it does offer a look into the process of conceptualizing, planning, and developing a new continent, using Terra as an example. So, while the dev talk doesn’t go too deeply into the features or what we can expect just yet, it’s a look into the overall process. 

The development team developed internal tools that let them create worlds a lot faster than they would have been able to by other means. CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli estimates that something that takes the team a couple of months could possibly take two years without these tools speeding up the process. He takes us into just what these tools are and how they work for Fractured Online (for which they have been tailored).

Through the video, he takes us into the process of creating a basic plane and then adding layers, height maps, and the work of the level designers to use the tools to script what they need into their maps. This could mean the biomes to resources (ore in the ground, for instance), and more.

The tools let Dynamight’s team do things like extending land by kind of painting on the right layer level, or adding other considerations like the road system, lakes, biomes (including biome textures and features scripted and mapped in), and showing things like territory control.

Through this video, we get a lot of detail on the process the team is using to further create and refine what they've created, as well as a little bit about some of Terra's green and growing features. The Wildfolk will be the next race added, and while this is a pretty technical video, Gallelli walks us through it all in an easy to understand way. 

Fractured Online will enter Early Access on September 15th via Steam.


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