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Section X and HK-51 Missions

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The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with a new blog post about the upcoming v1.5 version of the game with specific reference to Republic & Imperial daily repeatable missions in Section X and HK-51.There are some impressive changes coming with big time rewards for players. WARNING: Visiting the official site to read the post may reveal spoilers.

Section X introduces a new set of daily repeatable missions for both Imperial and Republic players, including two new Heroics. These missions offer more rewards than any previous daily area; more Daily Commendations than before, more Credits overall, and an additional source for Black Hole Commendations. With 1.5, we’ve added new Campaign Armoring mods to the Black Hole vendors on the fleet to ensure that players can acquire ideal stats, and to ensure that players wearing Columi or Rakata shells can customize the look of their gear while retaining their set bonuses. Additionally, we’ve added a lot of new stuff to our Daily Commendation vendors, including new activated relics and new schematics for extremely powerful Droid companion gear. Joining the fight in Section X will help you attain these new rewards faster.

Check out the full blog post on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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