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Secrets of the Abyss to Run from Today Through September 4th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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CCP Games has announced that EVE Online players can take part in the Secrets of the Abyss event from today through September 4th. During the event, players will head further into Abyssal Deadspace to discover secrets that unlock new rewards "in exchange for completing treacherous challenges". The update will also bring the overhauled New Player Experience into the game with "significant QoL improvements to the combat path" as well as fixes and changes.

A mysterious group have sabotaged CONCORD's suspect flagging system, leaving the deeper tiers of Abyssal Deadspace open to exploration by all. Participation in the event will see players exploring these pockets of Deadspace across a variety of challenges that they can set by accessing The Agency via their Neocom menu. Completed challenges will see players racking up Agency points that can be exchanged for exceptional rewards. You can now also keep track of your challenge progress from the info panel, as well as claiming your challenge rewards and getting quick access to The Agency home.

Learn more on the EVE Online site.


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