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Secret World Legends Updated with Dark Agartha

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Secret World Legends has been updated with the Dark Agartha content that is available to players once reaching level 50. A special mission in the "regular" Agartha will send them off to a new platform that will literally require a "leap of faith" to reach. From there, new challenges await including "intense, one-on-one battles with The Wandering Others" that must be accomplished within 17 minutes. Failure to do so will cost AP + SP to retry.

When you triumph in Dark Agartha, you may re-enter the next day…and face new challenges each time!  Actions taken every day affect the future, causing a different timestream to be attuned every day, randomizing and shuffling – not only changing what creature you may face, but their skills and supplemental effects during the encounter.  While the final challenge is always against the same entity, the way they engage you may yet differ.

This also means you may face the same type of adversary on different days, but how you approach the challenge may change altogether.

Want to learn more? Head to the Secret World Legends site.


Suzie Ford

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