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Secret World Legends Launches the Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Secret World Legends is inviting players into the game to take part in the new Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario. Players are tasked with literally protecting the ancient structure from ever growing waves of monsters. At certain stopping points, players will be able to choose whether to stop and reap the rewards or to keep going against more difficult monsters. Every time players launch the scenario, they can begin where they left off due to the infinite scaling.

In addition to the new scenario, players can enjoy the Envoys of Avalon seasonal event:

On each equinox, the druids of Avalon send their envoys to forge alliances with other Secret Worlders. For a limited time, you’ll be able to find Druids of Avalon in Agartha as they help usher you to the training simulation.  Discover event-exclusive legends and get a chance at special loot, including agent dossiers.  Seek them out in the center of Agartha!  

Read more on the Secret World Legends site.


Suzie Ford

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