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Second Year DLC to Feature Two Free Expansions

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Ubisoft is celebrating the first year of The Division. Players will receive 200 premium credits from March 9-16 along with in-game bonuses such as a 2X multiplier on high-value target rewards (March 9-11) and 2x multiplier on field proficiency caches (March 11). In addition, Ubisoft announced that no season pass will be required for the two expansions coming in Year 2.

The first expansion is based around an event system complete with leaderboards and event-only rewards. Players will also have access to the new Loadout system to make changing gear more intuitive and fast.

The second expansion will be content focused with "narrative content", though what that is exactly remains to be seen. The team emphasized that it would not necessarily come in the form of story missions.

“That means [Year 2 content] won’t be paid-for DLC. These won’t be paid expansions,” he adds. “[This content will put a twist] on how people played the game before and reignite their engagement with the content. You may have already played in one style, but transforming that and then applying a competition filter is a very engaging way to deliver new experiences and new activities to the community.”

You can grab more details on The Division Ubisoft site.


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