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Second Dinner's Latest Developer Roadmap for Marvel Snap Offers Little to be Excited About

Casey Bell Posted:
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Second Dinner’s revealed its plans for Mavel Snap’s future with an updated roadmap during a recent IGN Live broadcast and let’s just say we’re quite whelmed.

The major news coming out of this developer roadmap is the cutting of the Character Mastery feature. This system was meant to reward players who are diehard fans of particular characters by unlocking a number of character specific cosmetics as players rack up points for using and customizing their cards. That feature ran into “technical architecture” issues and was summarily removed from the roadmap. Unsurprisingly, the community has not taken the news well.

To make matters worse, the roadmap itself offered a whole lot of nothing to make up for the loss. Alliances, the game’s upcoming clan system, is still on the way. Leagues, which were previously plagued with pay-to-win mechanics, are coming, too.  But besides that, plans were either vague or just fairly insignificant. Deadpool’s Diner, the new game mode coming soon, didn’t get a whole lot in terms of detail and the most exciting feature, Draft Mode, is only in concept stages at this point.

There’s just not a whole lot here for players to chew on and that makes Second Dinner’s choice to reveal its plans on IGN Live a bit of a head scratcher.


Casey Bell