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Season X: Highlanders Coming on December 21st to Conqueror's Blade

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The brand new season, Season X: Highlanders for Conqueror’s Blade is coming on December 21st. Season X: Highlanders will be the next free major update. The kingdom of Loegria is up against the boundaries of the Highlands up north. The Highlander clans are fighting amongst themselves and now they have to put that aside in order to help end the conflict and fight for the greater good –and their lands.

You have to unite the clans so in this update you’ll be able to recruit warriors from all around the Highlands and unlock three new units. These units are Bagpipers, the first unit of its kind in the game. These give a morale boost with a musical weapon that buffs allies with music. Claymores are sword wielders and they’ll use their greatswords to great effect while also gaining defense when they attack. Helmsman is the final new unit and is also the first animal unit. They come with loyal war dogs for the hunt.

In order to make the most of your new units, there's also a new map. The Siege map is at the historic site of the first Highlander settlement, which the Loegrians have invaded, sparking the conflict. The Highlanders want to reclaim their sacred land and this is where you come in. Two teams of 12 players will battle for ownership of the lands and defend or keep the Highlands.

Marking the arrivel of the new update, there are 30% hero boost active from December 9th through the 13th and there will also be a 30% boost to bronze earned December 17th through December 20th. There are new daily quests and a new weekly Quest updated every Thursday starting today through December 21st. These are the preseason quest and will help you along once the update launches on the 21st

For more on the update, see the full announcement at Conqueror’s Blade


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