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Season of Mastery Beta for WoW Classic Gets Level Cap, PvP Realm in the Latest Update

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery has gotten a new beta update, capping player level at 45 and adding a PvP realm, among other changes.

With the Season of Mastery's planned accelerated schedule for release, it's important for the beta testing to go smoothly and help the team learn just where the sweet spots are for bonuses and increased difficulty. Player levels are now capped at 45 with this update, which should give the team some more time. The beta also isn't putting in the adjustments planned to stop powerleveling and boosting yet. Though adding the level cap just might help with this for now, along with being able to create a more contained path for testing data. 

Simultaneously, the bonus Adventure Awaits now grants 40% increased quest turn-in experience. You can now use Meeting Stones to summon your party members for dungeons. There's also the first PvP realm for testing, so if you've been playing in the beta and live for PvP, there's now an option 

There are also planned Season of Mastery updates and features that have not yet been introduced in the beta just yet. But after all, it is a good thing to keep in mind that this is a beta. What's not in yet? increased buff and debuff limits. Also not available yet are the promised difficulty tweaks that will bring increased health for raid bosses, restored raid boss mechanics that were initially cut in production and the removal of world buffs in raid instances. You can read the update notes here.


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