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Sea of Thieves Update Begins New Adventure, But Some Issues With Persistence and Captaincy Remain

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Sea of Thieves is beginning its latest Adventure, A Hunter's Cry, today with the game's latest update. 

Merrick, held captive by the Dark Brethren, is located somewhere in the Sea of the Damned and being pressed for information that he has. The Pirate Lord will get the gateway open and this will let threats to escape the Sea of the Damned, so if you’re going to rescue Merrick, you’ll have to be fast.

The new Adventure, the sixth entry in the limited-time narrative series, will run from today through September 1st. Those who complete this Adventure will get a new title and cosmetic reward for their trouble. 

Today’s update also includes the previously announced balance changes for ship and pirate Milestones, which will adjust some requirements for progression to be more in line with the time and play investment required for other paths. The update also fixes several issues like the Captain's Logbook now having accurate information for gold, islands visited, and nautical miles. Captains will also now be able to discard Voyages from the Captain's Bookshelf, further making things a smoother experience, as the most recent large update intended.

However, there are some nagging issues that still remain, including one that is plaguing saved customizations for ships. These should be persistent between sessions now after the recent Season Seven update, but there are still some players affected by errors where supposedly saved customizations are sometimes not saving. There are also still some ship and pirate milestones that are temporarily disabled and won’t progress even if you complete the associated relevant actions. They still aren’t working properly and there’s no ETA on when they will be available. There’s also some ongoing performance and stability issues that they continue to work on. 

You can read the full update notes over at Sea of Thieves.


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